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Editor’s Note
Judit Péteri

Or rather, the New Editor's Note — namely, this short introduction owes its topical¬ity to the fact that András Székely, editor of Magyar Zene for 11 years from Vol. 1998/ 99 until 2009 has now, as he turns 80, passed on the baton. His care and dedication has meant that the journal always appeared in print both punctually and to a consistently high standard — maintaining that quality will be an immense challenge.
Even though the main profile and overall direction of Magyar Zene will remain unchanged, this year will see some operative, content-related and structural changes, as well as a revamped cover page. To ensure the widest possible scope of information and outlook an editorial board and an advisory board comprising the most eminent representatives of musicology has been set up. Members of the latter team include foreign and expatriate Hungarian music historians too. Another sign of our attempt to strengthen the international presence of Magyar Zene is that on the one hand we shall attempt to publish or review even more papers with Hungarian relevance from foreign authors; and on the other hand, draw the attention of foreign researchers to the efforts of their Hungarian colleagues working in the same field (which is why we also print the contents page in English and are endeavouring to increase the extent of our English abstracts). We also plan to boost the number of papers on other arts, as well as from the borderline areas of musicology.
The most important content-related change will be a regular, separate column dedicated to presenting to our readers parts of as yet unpublished papers written by professors and students at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music (dissertations, theses or seminar papers written in the Department of Musicology), with the aim of giving deserving young colleagues a first publication opportunity. The new column will be entitled "Work in Progress"; and in the first issue, commemorating the 200th anniversary of Schumann's birth, a paper is being published by a student studying in Budapest under a scholarship from the Department of Music¬ology. This year will be rich in anniversaries and we plan to celebrate the work of Mahler, Dohnányi, and of course Ferenc Erkel, who was born in the same year as Schumann.
As before, the backbone of Magyar Zene will be formed by transcripts of lectures from the latest conference of the Hungarian Musicological Society, which was held in October 2009 under the title "Folk Music and Music History". Some of the 10-minute lectures given at the "celebration conference" held on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Sándor Kovács, the head of the Department of Musicology, will be published in the "Short Contributions" column dedicated to short pieces.
Finally, let me mention one more aspiration which we feel is important: we would like to publish as many papers as possible on an unduly neglected topic: contemporary Hungarian music.
Péteri Judit 2010., 48. évf. 1. szám 5.o
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