Hochradner, Thomas

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Johann Nepomuk Fuchs élete és mûködése - úgy is mint kutatástörténeti példa (Ford. Székely András) abs.
The Life and Work of Johann Nepomuk Fuchs (1766-1839) as an Example of the History of Music-Research
Thomas Hochradner

Bárdos Kornel has altogether investigated into six comprehensive studies of musical life in several Hungarian residences and towns in the course of history. Based on an empirical-historical research method and taking up an exemplary case this paper wants to discuss the status and perspectives of biographical music research for the 19th century. Data concerning the life and work of Johann Nepomuk Fuchs (1766?-1839 Eisenstadt) have repeatedly been represented incorrectly in specialised literature and music-encyclopaedia; frequently the latest results in research are simply ignored. Thus shortcomings in the process of catching up with historical sources characteristic of the 19th century in General are finally collected resulting in the presentation of a catalogue of criteria to be considered in historical music research.

The paper has already appeared in German in Studia Musicologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 46 (2005), Heft ½, S. 135-143.
2005., 43. évf. 3. szám 331. - 338.o