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Hunyad megyei adatkzlk Budapesten : Bartk Bla 1914-es eladsa abs.
Invited Performers from Hunyad County in Budapest
Bartk’s 1914 dissertation
Rka Pvai

Bla Bartk’s presentation held on 18th March, 1914 is considered a crucial moment in the history of Hungarian folk music researches. As the second part of the dissertation illustrated by folklore performers invited from Hunyad county (Romania), Bartk presented the procedures of making a phonograph and a gramophone recording, futhermore pointing to the differences in the sound quality of the two different recording technologies.
According to the present bibliography on this subject, a merely obscure image can be created about the preparatory works and the course of Bartk’s dissertation. The present essay concentrates its view on the possible answers to the unclarified parts of the issue. The author treats with primary importance the contents of the gramophone records and the phonograph cylinders, as well as the problems rosen around the publishing of the recorded tunes and the material collected during the December of 1913. However, among the initial questions to which this essay searches the answers, some may remain forever without explanation.
2002., 40. évf. 3. szám 313. - 326.o