Sudár Balázs

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Török kopuz - magyar koboz? : hangszertörténeti tanulmány abs.
Turkish Kopuz – Hungarian Koboz?
Organographic notes on the history of medieval instrument
Balázs Sudár

The instrument called koboz that appears in 16-17th-century sources is a true enigma in Hungarian musical history. All we have hitherto known of it is that it was a stringed and plucked instrument. As the koboz is an old instrument of Turkic origins, it was probably a long-necked lute. Beside the sparse data found in Hungarian sources, it is worthy to take into account Ottoman data as well; they reveal that an instrument called kopuz was widely used in Ottoman Hungary and it was referred to in Hungarian as koboz.
Unfortunately, there are no unambiguous sources referring to the Ottoman kopuz. Our investigations reveal that it was a long-necked lute with 2 or 3 strings, the corpus of which was covered by skin. The instrument counted as a rarity already in the 17th century, with Evlia Celebi stating that it was only used in the Hungarian frontier areas. No longer able to meet contemporary musical expectations, the instrument was soon to disappear.
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