Veres Blint

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„Tudomnyos mvszet” : tudomny s kznyelvisg Etvs Pter mvszetben abs.
»Scientific Art«-Science and Communication in Peter Etvs’ Art
Blint Veres

The present study is a second version of a discourse held at the Partium Christian University (in Oradea, Romania) in summer 2004. It contains a twin-survey of a music philosophical phenomenon of the post-war New Music and the first creative period of Pter Etvs’ work as a composer. These two topics find their common denominator in the primordial subject of the relationships between music and sciences. Since Etvs’ work has a very close contact with science from the very beginning. Considering Martin Heidegger’s reflections concerning the nature of modern sciences (Die Zeit des Weltbildes, 1938), we can find not only the inspirative force of the science in the “early” compositions of Etvs (Elektrochronik, Intervalles-Interieurs, Mese, etc.), but its limits also which is revealed by the art itself.
2005., 43. évf. 1. szám 65. - 76.o
Hang-szn, hang-tr, hang-verseny, hang-… : rtelmezsksrlet Horvth Balzs Magnets cm kamarazene-sorozathoz abs.
Musical Spaces in Balzs Horvth’s Magnets
Blint Veres

Interpreting a group of works of the young Hungarian composer Balzs Horvth (*1976), the author of this critical study ponders the possibilities of musical innovation today and concludes with some conservative claims for music’s communicativeness. The latent polemics between the actual work of music and indefinable musicality proceed in a survey of the subject and realizations of musical space in Horvth’s works. Notwithstanding a brief theoretical excursion, “horizontal”, “vertical”, “real” and “imaginary” moments of space are treated in the close context of the works themselves.
2006., 44. évf. 4. szám 417. - 437.o
Rec. Vadszat jelentsre : (Jelents egy zeneszemiotikai magaslesbl) : Raymond Monelle: The Musical Topic. Hunt, Military and Pastoral - 2008., 46. évf. 4. szám 471. - 476.o