Virny Gbor

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# Cím Abstract Folyóirat Oldalszám
Egy klasszikus forma utlete - 1972., 13. évf. 2. szám 164. - 169.o
Megksettek-e Mozart „porosz” kvartettjei? : szletsnapi ksznt tanulmny formban abs.
Are Mozart’s »Prussian« Quartets Really Overdue Ones?
Gbor Virny

My most famous class-mate, Lszl Somfai, wrote his first famous study on the Haydn-quartets by Mozart. But there are no Hungarian studies about Mozarts Prussian Quartets. In Budapest Programme Notes there are some brief appraisals of the late Mozart quartets, but I have chosen therefore some longer notesand remarks on the three masterpieces, which Mozart planned for a post at the Prussian Court, an application which proved unsuccessful. This study was planned not only as a congratulation for Somfai’s 70th birthday, but also to counter the negative opinion regarding these masterpieces, that they are too late, but these compositions by the Second Viennese Classic Master are not to be ignored.
2005., 43. évf. 1. szám 77. - 84.o
Rec. [Mai magyar szerzk kotti] abs.
Bozay Attila: Utjtk. Op. 19/a
Durk Zsolt: Microstructures (1973)
Kocsr Mikls: Improvvisazioni (1972/73)
Madarsz Ivn: Metamorphosis (1971. IX. 4)
Papp Lajos: Skizze (1971)
Soproni Jzsef: Invenzioni sul B-A-C-H (1971)
Lng Istvn: Improvizci cimbalomra
Szab Ferenc: Szerend fuvolra s brcsra
Srkzy Istvn: Kamaraszonta klarintra s zongorra
Dvid Gyula: Trio per violino, violoncello e pianoforte
Maros Rudolf: Trio per violino, viola e arpa
Sry Lszl: Image for clarinet, violoncello and piano
Balzs rpd: Serenata per quintetto a fiati
1975., 16. évf. 4. szám 438. - 441.o