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Bartk: Improvizcik, op. 20 : elemz szrevtelek s a sorozat rendezse abs.
Analytical Notes to Bartk, Improvisations, Opus 20, and the Ordering of the Series
Ivn Waldbauer

A study of Bartk’s correspondence with his publisher, Universal Editions of Vienna, as well as early manuscripts of the Improvisations, further certain analytical observations of the finished score, permit a reconstruction of the history of composition and Bartk’s thought processes shaping it. It is known that he began writing “little piano pieces” in the summer of 1920 with no more intentions of any overarching design principles than a “harmonically freer” sound would for these settings of Hungarian peasant songs. It seems almost certain that it was only after having completed seven of the eight pieces in the fall of that year, that he discovered various harmonic procedures that create audible and perceptible links among some of them. These links must have arisen by subconsciously operating intuition. He ordered the pieces accordingly and composed the finale with the conscious purpose of affirming in it the writing of the unity of the series by clear references to these memorable earlier events.

2004., 42. évf. 3-4. szám 461. - 481.o
Gombosi Ott (1902-1955) : egy tantvny visszaemlkezsei - 2002., 40. évf. 3. szám 253. - 262.o