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Az els magyar operatrsulattl a Nemzeti Sznhzig abs.
From the First Hungarian Opera Company to the National Theatre
va Gurmai

This article highlights the most important events of Hungarian language opera performance. The first company was established in Kolozsvr (Cluj Napoca, Transylvania) in 1823. The best wandering actors were collected by them. The company was able to perform grand operas as well. Their path led to the National Theatre from Kolozsvr through Kassa (Koice, Slovakia) and the Buda Castle Theatre.
2004., 42. évf. 1. szám 49. - 58.o
Johann Baptist Henneberg-Emanuel Schikaneder-Szerelemhegyi Andrs: Csrgsapka abs.
J. B. Henneberg – E. Schikaneder – A. Szerelemhegyi: Csrgsapka (Fool’s Cap)
va Gurmai

This article examines the cultural remains of the connections between the Hungarian professional dramatic art and the theater lead by Vienna in the early 19th century. The oldest musical score, which has turned up for not a long time in the Music Collection of the National Szchnyi Library, is the Csrgsapka from Johann Baptist Henneberg, translated by Andrs Szerelemhegyi and it was played from 1795 by the „Nemzeti Sznjtsz Trsasg”. The connections of this piece lead to Mozart’s composing circle, society of Schikaneder, the Theater auf der Wieden. Csrgsapka was the most popular and the mostly played piece of the Hungarian musical act, in its first 50 years.
2002., 40. évf. 3. szám 271. - 278.o