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# Cím Abstract Folyóirat Oldalszám
„Was die Wahrheit ist…” : Richard Strauss Elektrjnak magyar sajtvisszhangja - 2008., 46. évf. 1. szám 61. - 70.o
A nemzeti opera eszmnynek trtkel?dse a 19-20. szzad forduljn : A korabeli bcsi, budapesti, prgai sajtvisszhang s egynmely tanulsgai - 2011., 49. évf. 2. szám 190. - 205.o
Cantus vitae, cantus mortis : kt posztromantikus ksrlet az sszefoglalsra abs.
Cantus Vitae, Cantus Mortis
Two post-romantic attempts at rsum
Mt Mesterhzi

Regrettable or not: musical re-discoveries are much more motivated by para-musical than by musical reasons. This is how in recent years the Dohnnyi renaissance has started, and this is how the Pressburger/pozsonyi-Viennese, German-Hungarian educated Franz Schmidt (1874-1939) came into the range of vision of Hungarian musicologists. So much the more, Schmidt’s carreer had in many aspects a parallel development with that of Ern Dohnnyi (1877-1960). After Peter Laki’s pivotal study, available in English as well as in Hungarian, focusing on the similar beginning of both composers’ carreer, and in the light of Tibor Tallin’s lecture, held in Vienna as well as in Budapest, discovering psycho-social-cultural roots of the Hungarian flavours of Schmidt’s opera Notre-Dame, the present lecture tries to compare the chef d’oeuvres of Schmidt and Dohnnyi. Both the oratorio Das Buch mit sieben Siegeln (1938) and the symphonic cantata Cantus vitae (1941) were created in the same historic era, and there are many similarities between their social existences, historical receptions and their relations to the dilemma of tradition and modernity. With some outlook we can gain additional issues to the ideological problem of the post-romantic oratorio of the 20th century.
2007., 45. évf. 1. szám 17. - 27.o
Rec. „Symphonia hungarorum” : a „Magyarorszg zenekultrjnak ezer ve” cm killts katalgusa - 2002., 40. évf. 1. szám 107. - 110.o
Rec. Az imaginrius kr kzppontja : Dolinszky Mikls: Idrengs - Kilenc muzsikus, tz valloms - 2005., 43. évf. 1. szám 85. - 88.o