Pintr Csilla Mria

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A ritmus autonmijnak krdsei Bartk rsaiban abs.
Questions of the Autonomy of Rhythm in Bartk’s Writings
Csilla Mria Pintr

Studying Bartk’s writings focusing on new music and his essays on folk music side by side, it is astonishing how different are the proportions and emphasis of the presence of the main components of music in the two types of the writings appear. This difference is particularly significant from the point of view of rhythm. In the writings on folk music the description of rhythmical and metrical structures have a privileged place; in his other articles and interviews he hardly spoke about rhythm and metre. Nevertheless, in sprite of the fact, that the rhythmic aspect of his composition had never been analized in detail in the essays and lectures, his studies show that for him basic features of rhythm and the most important rhythmical procedures were the freedom and variety, the changing metre, the polyrhythm and ostinato. These phenomena are closely connected with the appearance of the autonomous rhythmical structures at the beginning of the 20th century. As a result of this examination of Bartk’s writings it becomes obvious that for Bartk the rhythm was not an entirely independent component of music, nevertheless his thoughts sheds light on the significant role of rhythm in the composer’s compositional thinking and on it’s important place in his self-definition as a composer.
2002., 40. évf. 2. szám 175. - 190.o