Berlsz Melinda

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„...iemer mêr ouwê...” Veress Sndor - Walter von der Vogelweide elgijnak genzisrl - 1996., 36. évf. 2. szám 141. - 145.o
„Zenei szakrt – szociogrfus” : a negyvenes vek zenekritikusa - 1992., 33. évf. 1. szám 8. - 13.o
Bartha Dnes - a folyiratszerkeszt : a Magyar Zenei Szemle s a Zenei Szemle fszerkesztje - 1984., 25. évf. 2. szám 115. - 134.o
Bartha Dnes, a Szkesfvrosi Zenekar mvszeti igazgatja (1947-49) : vlogats a mkdsre vonatkoz levltri dokumentumokbl - 1988., 29. évf. 4. szám 415. - 429.o
Da capo al fine - Ismtld seglykiltsok a npzenekutats ltrt (1946-1950) - 1982., 23. évf. 1. szám 10. - 17.o
Dokumentumok az 1940-1944-es erdlyi gyjtsek s hanglemezfelvtelezsek trtnethez - 1992., 33. évf. 2. szám 115. - 137.o
Egy emlkezs-gyjtemny tanulsgai : reflexik a jubileumra megjelent Weiner-ktethez - 1985., 26. évf. 3. szám 249. - 254.o
Egy megjul Grdonyi-kp krvonalainak eslye - 2006., 44. évf. 3. szám 241. - 243.o
Lajtha Lszl levelei Henry Barraud-hoz (Els kzlemny) - 1993., 34. évf. 1. szám 13. - 42.o
Lajtha-krkp - Prizs, 1968 : nyugat-eurpai s magyar alkoti kapcsolatok a Lajtha-memorok tkrben (1929-1963) abs.
Remembering Lajtha – Paris, 1968
An Historical Assessment of the Lajtha Memoirs by his West European and Hungarian Contemporaries (1929-1963)
Melinda Berlsz

In the years after Lszl Lajtha’s death, ten contemporary artists – Lajtha’s friends and acquaintances – paid tribute to the late Hungarian composer in recollections upon the initiative of Jnos Gergely, editor of the French-language periodical tudes Finno-Ougriennes. Eight of the writers were West European composers and ethnomusicologists working in the sphere of attraction of Paris culture (Henry Barraud, Emmanuel Bondeville, Jacques Chailley, Alphones Claude Leduc, Salvador de Madariaga, Albert Marinus, Marcel Mihalovici, A. Adnan Saygun), with two contemporaries representing the Hungarian colleagues (Sndor Veress and Lajos Vargyas).
These remembrances preserve a multitude of facts and personal characteristics of Lajtha: through them, the Hungarian composer’s presence in Paris – which, though sporadic, spanned several decades –, his contacts with his contemporaries and the network of events he was involved in become realistically clarified. In the light of this foreign viewpoint, the often vague and idealized Hungarian | French cooperation concerning Lajtha can clear up important questions of his biography and the genesis of compositions. The writings published in 1968 failed to be included in that-time or later Hungarian research literature on Lajtha, principally because the periodical was unknown.
The paper is to interpret the personal relations between Lajtha and his contemporary creators, pointing our their importance for international art and science. The author also plans to publish the collection of memoirs in Hungarian and English languages.
2003., 41. évf. 2. szám 167. - 179.o
Mfajszer gondolkods Lajtha Lszl zeneszerzi letmvben I. - 1990., 31. évf. 1. szám 99. - 107.o
Mfajszer gondolkods Lajtha Lszl zeneszerzi letmvben II. : mfajcsoportok, mfajlncok, mint az alkotplya meghatrozi - 1990., 31. évf. 2. szám 193. - 200.o
Tradci s jelen szintzise Veress Sndor Passacaglia Concertantjban : utsz Veress kompozcijnak koncert-eladshoz abs.
Synthesis of Tradition and the Present in Sndor Veress’s Passacaglia Concertante
Epilogue to a concert performance of Veress’s composition
Melinda Berlsz

The Passacaglia Concertante, for oboe and String instruments by Sndor Veress, is of special importance among his other works composed in the 1960s. The synthesis of the form of two baroque compositional genres: the passacaglia and the concerto have provided him a basis for a stylistic change. Building upon a foundation with the baroque traditional elements of structure, while being consciously attached to the eastern roots of his own compositional style, Veress was successful in joining the newest tendencies of western stylistic components (i. e. dodecaphony) with the elements characteristic of his earlier works. It is the special synthesis of eastern and western traditions which distinguishes the Passacaglia concertante first of all. After the wonderful performances in Hungary by Heinz Holliger, new for the first time, an outstanding Hungarian oboist, Lszl Hadady has also chosen it as a piece in his programme.
2000., 38. évf. 2. szám 117. - 126.o
Ujfalussy Jzsef, a Zenetudomnyi Intzet osztlyvezetje abs.
Jzsef Ujfalussy, Department Head of the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Melinda Berlsz

This paper was read at the Musicology Conference held to commemorate the 80th birthday of Jzsef Ujfalussy. - Between 1966 and 1995 Ujfalussy was a department head of the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Between 1974 and 1980 he was the director of the Institute. He trained and educated several generations of musicologists, initiated and accomplished several large-scale scientific schemes that would affect the course of many decades to come. He played a significant part in the establishment of the Institute itself. He was the author of two excellent works of the earliest literature on Bartk and edited a complex casebook on the Hungarian Council Republic. He also intiated several large-scale scientific studies and the Budapest concert repertory of the Institute, comprising tens of thousands of records. He laid the foundations of the formal concept of the forthcoming volume of Hungarian Music History dealing with the 20th century. The author of the article, a long-time colleague of Jzsef Ujfalussy congratulates him on his 80th birthday.
2001., 39. évf. 1. szám 3. - 9.o
Veress Sndor Rad gi zongoram?vszhez intzett levelei : (1967-1973) - 2013., 51. évf. 2. szám 154. - 207.o
Rec. Benk Andrs: A Bolyaiak zeneelmlete - 1978., 19. évf. 3. szám 324. - 325.o
Rec. Dohnnyi vknyv 2003 (Szerk. Sz. Farkas Mrta s Kiszely-Papp Deborah) - 2005., 43. évf. 1. szám 109. - 113.o
Rec. Homolya Istvn: Palestrina – Lassus - 1971., 12. évf. 3. szám 317. - 318.o
Rec. I. Memorktet Lajtha Lszlrl : Solymosi Tari Em?ke: Kt vilg kzt. Beszlgetsek Lajtha Lszlrl - 2011., 49. évf. 2. szám 232. - 239.o
Rec. II. "n s a zene" : Lajtha Lszl utols vallomsai nmagrl, kompozciirl (1960-1962). Erdlyi Zsuzsanna: A kocks fzet. ttalan utakon Lajtha Lszlval - 2011., 49. évf. 2. szám 239. - 244.o
Rec. Monogrfia az ugrs tncok dallamairl : Paksa Katalin: Az ugrs tncok zenje. Npzenetrtneti ttekints - 2011., 49. évf. 4. szám 504. - 507.o
Rec. Sz. Farkas Mrta: Bartalus Istvn - 1978., 19. évf. 3. szám 322. - 324.o
Rec. Walter Kolneder: Antonio Vivaldi 1678-1741. lete s mvszete - 1971., 12. évf. 3. szám 318. - 319.o