Frigyesi Judit

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A népzenei összkiadás elviselhetetlen könnyûsége : az elõimádkozó a kelet-európai zsidó szertartásban abs.
The Unbearable Lightness of Ethnomusicological Complete Editions: The Style of the Ba’al Tefillah (Prayer Leader) in the East European Jewish Service.
Judit Frigyesi (Bar Ilan University, Jerusalem)

A Tribute to László Somfai

In Jewish music scholarship, it has been accepted that the melodies of the ba’al tefillah (prayer leader) are improvised orally within the framework of a melodic mode. Because of that reason, Ashkenazi Jewish liturgical music is commonly represented as a repertory of melodies, which are possible to concentrate in a complete edition that is read with the tacit understanding that the melodies may be varied in the performance. This paradigm does not seem to hold true for the art of the East-European traditional prayer leader. The melodies of the prayer leaders cannot be conceived of as variants within a modal type. They are independent artistic creations, compositions in the sense this word means in Western music. Like in art music, “composition” here does not mean complete freedom; the prayer leader has to compose within – better to say: or against – a musical-stylistic framework. The article attempts to show the nature of this compositional attitude among the traditional East-European prayer leaders, demonstrating that the individual solutions cohere to a complex artistic work that are deeply connected to the unique musical orientation, personality, artistic character, and life of each prayer leader.

2004., 42. évf. 3-4. szám 235. - 250.o