Gilányi Gabriella

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# Cím Abstract Folyóirat Oldalszám
A hiányzó láncszem? : Egy 1687-es pálos antifonálé Crikvenicából - 2014., 52. évf. 1. szám 5. - 15.o
Ad Magnificat, Hebdomada per Annum : egy g-tonalitású antifóna-sorozat a mediterrán Európában abs.
Ad Magnificat, hebdomada per annum
G-Mode Antiphon-Series in Mediterranean Europe
Gabriella Gilányi

Some Gregorian sources of Italian origin preserve a special antiphon-series in their medieval office. This group of Magnificat-antiphons is situated in the vespers of the per annum section, the part of the office without any special feast or important occasion. Using a new series in the most archaic segment of the Roman Office seems to be rather strange. Is it a special Mediterranean usage? My study tries to reveal the musical origin of this rare chant-group by means of old antiphonals mainly from Italy, then to follow the spread of the series in Europe.
2007., 45. évf. 1. szám 53. - 63.o