Pethõ Csilla

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„Spieln Zigeuner lustig Liedel” : a magyar szórakoztató zene és a cigányzenészek külföldi recepciója a 19. században abs.
»Spieln Zigeuner lustig Liedel«
The western reception of hungarian popular music and of the gipsy musicians in the 19. century
Csilla Pethõ

During the 19th century, Hungarian popular music acquired rising recognition and acclaim in the countries of western Europe. This newfound enthusiasm, aroused by the (verbunkos) style, and also the (czardas) pieces, resulted in the distinctive success of Gypsy music ensembles, the archetypal performers of this unique repertoire. Critics and accounts from period newspapers and musical journals are helpful in informing us of their concerts outside of Hungary. Furthermore, these documents enable us to better assess the reception of Hungarian Gypsy music in western Europe, and also the particular interpretation of this music attributed to Gypsy performers. The following article attempts to illustrate the most important elements of this distinctively (Hungarian) phenomenon, to propose reason its rising popularity in the west, and finally, to prove that the associations conjured up by this exotic music, as well as the stereotypical image of Hungarian music in western culture, take root in the romantic attitude towards musical perception of the 19. century, where the interposition of emotions is of the utmost importance.
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