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Mit hallott Esdras Edzardi? abs.
What Did Hear Esdras Edzardi?
Tibor Pintér

The main aim of the article is to reconstruct a musical performance of a sacred concerto "Wer is der, so von Edom kömmt" by the Collegium Musicum, Hamburg, which took place between 1660 and 1674. It's source is to be found in Johann Mattheson's Der Vollkommene Capellmeister. The basic question is the authorship of the performed sacred concerto. Mattheson relates it to Matthias Weckmann, but according to several other researches this piece is written by Sebastian Knüpfer. The author of the article investigates all the sources and references of the work and the possibilities of the authorship. As there is no final answer to the questions the author looks into a manuscript which is definitely a work by Sebastian Knüpfer. The entire manuscript is worth publishing. Paradoxically the main result of these philological analyses is not proving the authorship but rather the finding of the manuscript itself.
2008., 46. évf. 4. szám 411. - 423.o