Rákai Zsuzsanna

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Fényképek : jegyzetek Bartók népzenekutatói munkásságához abs.
Notes of Bartók’s folkloristic work
Zsuzsanna Rákai

Examining the problematic relation between Bartók and his Hungarian audience appears an important point of view: the ideology of nationalism as the basis of the cultural life in turn-of-the-century Hungarian society. Nationalism as inspirational source gave an impulse to the folkloristic efforts. Art was considered as a proof of inevitable cultural differences and music, especially folk music seemed to be particularly suitable to represent the traditional, characteristic features and determinations of the Hungarian nation and Hungarian spirit by special melodic, rhythmic or harmonic idioms. Bartók’s folkloristic work was influenced strongly by this intellectual trend, chiefly in his youth. However at latest in the 1930-ies a new aspect had appeared in his writings which developed in his volumes on folk music written in the USA (i.e. Rumanian Folk Music, Turkish Folk Music from Asia Minor and Serbo-Croatian Folk Songs): an ethnologic-anthropological interest, new and unusual to the Hungarian research.

2005., 43. évf. 2. szám 119. - 132.o