Seifert, Herbert

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A nagybõgõ különleges szerepe a magyar nemesi együttesekben a 18. század második felében abs.
The Special Role of the Double Bass in the Hungarian Music Establishments of the Nobility in the Second Half of the 18th Century
Herbert Seifert

Many compositions with solistic parts for double bass in that time came from the historical Hungary, but almost all of them from the parts which today do not belong to that state any more: Grosswardein, Pressburg, Eisenstadt Kohfidisch and Varazdin, where the most important kapellen of the nobility had their residences: the bishops Patachich and Batthyány and the families Esterházy and Erdödy. Their composers Dittersdorf, Sperger, Kämpfer, Haydn and Vanhal cared for concertos and chamber music for the virtuoso members of their musical establishments, among others for the double bass, which was the instrument of Sperger and Kämpfer.
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