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»Albo juss daley« : a Doulce Memoire chanson Bakfark Bálint átiratában abs.
»Albo juss daley«
The Chanson Doulce Memoire in transcription of Valentin Bakfark
Endre Deák

The complete edition of Valentin Bakfark’s works contains some pieces of unknown original vocal models. This study shows that the lute piece entitled „Albo juss daley thrawacz nye moge” (I can no longer endure) in the handwritten source is an intabulation of a famous composition by Pierre Sandrin, one of the most popular masters of the Parisian chanson. His “Doulce memoire” was a real “hit” of the 16th century, well known all ower in Europe, in both vocal and instrumental arrangements. Bakfark’s lute version is a brilliant masterpiece, with rich ornamentation and with the maximum use of the renaissance lute’s possibilities.
2000., 38. évf. 3. szám 307. - 310.o