Marczi Mariann

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Ligeti György zongoraetûdjeirõl I. abs.
Work on the doctoral thesis (DLA) by Mariann Marczi discussing György Ligeti's piano etudes started in the spring of 2005 and ended in 2008. The central part of the thesis includes analyses of the three books of Ligeti's etudes, altogether 18 pieces. This number of the magazine features the chapter dealing with the ars poe­tica of Ligeti's etudes (the Hungarian translation of three Ligeti texts), and the chapter summing up the results of the analyses. The latter discusses the message of Ligeti's etudes, the influence of his childhood experiences on his compositional methods, and the importance of the sources of inspiration frequently mentioned by Ligeti himself. The author considered it important to highlight the following influences among the many: the works of Chopin, Schumann, Brahms, Liszt, De­bussy and the folk music of the Balkans, from the European tradition; Central African, Javan, Sumatran, Gamelan, Cuban and jazz music, from non-European musical traditions; Conlon Nancarrow's etudes for mechanical piano, from contemporary music literature; Maurits Escher's graphics, from fine arts; the structure of mathematical fractals from science; and the works of D. R. Hofstadter from philosophy. (Analyses of two etudes will appear in the next number of Magyar Zene.)
2010., 48. évf. 3. szám 355. - 367.o
Ligeti György zongoraetûdjeirõl II. - 2010., 48. évf. 4. szám 459. - 468.o