Nakahara Yusuke

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# Cím Abstract Folyóirat Oldalszám
Novellák mennyei terjengõssége: Schumann mûveinek intertextuális értelmezési lehetõségei abs.
The Heavenly Length of Short Novels
Interpretative Possibilities of Intertextuality in Schumann’s Works
Yusuke Nakahara

The study deals with the interpretational possibility of some early piano works by Robert Schumann. His attitude both as critic and composer may allow us to use imagination on his work and therefore we can find „heavenly length” in his works as well as in the novels by Jean Paul. The study is primarily concerned with intertextuality, which Schumann often used, and tries to analyze the strategy of its usage. It is important to know where these intertextualities are localized within the composition and in what way they are different from the original. Differences in tonality and/or melodic structure, or the lack of difference can be equally telling. By concerning ourselves with these points, we can read deeply his works and thus become a „secret listener” of him.
2010., 48. évf. 1. szám 84. - 103.o