Jakab Hedvig

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# Cím Abstract Folyóirat Oldalszám
Ujjrend, artikuláció, díszítés: három alappillér Sweelinck mûveinek elõadási gyakorlatában abs.
Fingering, Articulation, Ornamentation
The three Keywords in the Performance Practice of Sweelinck's Works
Hedvig Jakab

This study makes a compilation of types of fingerings used in the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, based on the fingerings of Sweelinck's Toccatas found in the Lübbenauer Orgeltabulatur (LyA1). The article throws new light upon the several keyboard articulations of this time, namely the interpretation of repeated notes, intervals and chords, the structured legato, etc. The third problem that concerns practicing musicians is the execution of ornaments. The most important publications on this topic from the decades around 1600 are compared, and four categories of ornaments that can be ascertained from these sources are summarized in this study. This compilation makes reference to the detailed presentation of the keyboard playing techniques contained in Volume II of the edition of Samuel Scheidt's Tabultura Nova written by Harald Vogel.
2007., 45. évf. 4. szám 411. - 428.o